Habitat Enhancement & Conservation

If seeing more wildlife on your property would enrich your outdoor living experience, Back 40 Land Management can help make that happen. We have experience with enhancing habitat for a variety of species present in northern Colorado. The wildlife you might be able to entice on to your property will vary with the location of your land, but just because you live in the suburbs doesn’t mean you can’t provide important habitat for pollinators and birds. If you are interested in managing your land to provide habitat for a certain species, we provide management plans and services that can be tailored to the species of interest.

There are certain laws and regulations that may inhibit any large-scale alterations intended for providing wildlife habitat, even if it is on your own land. Tree logging and riparian or wetland areas are especially regulated, and land management activities may require approval from the Natural Resource Conservation Service. We will not provide any land management activities that are not in compliance with state or federal regulations.After taking inventory the existing habitat structure, plant and animal species present, current and future land usage, and potential issues that could arise from adjusting your land’s habitat availability, we can get started.


  • Establish food sources/plots to provide year-round food for wildlife
  • Improve existing vegetation to provide more habitat cover and food
  • Clear travel corridors in existing vegetation for wildlife
  • Install soil moisture sensors that monitor water retention for more efficient irrigation (tax incentives!)

Private landowners in Colorado play an important role in the conservation of important fish and wildlife species found here. As urbanization continues to increase in our state, it becomes more and more important to do what you can to support the native plants and animals that might inhabit your land. For more information on incentives provided to private landowners who engage in wildlife habitat enhancement and natural resource conservation on their property, please visit these links: