Back 40 Land Management can install your new lawn, over-seed a lawn that needs some touching up, create bountiful pasture forage, stabilize slopes with high erosion potential and even install native vegetation on areas that would otherwise be dirt and weeds.


A hydroseeder mixes seeds and water, often along with special mulch, fertilizer, and tackifier. The mulch is typically made from ground paper or wood and is what keeps the seeds safe and moist while they begin to germinate. Tackifier is added to the mix to help the mulch stick together and create a semi-firm yet breathable mat, which protects the seeds and helps the mulch remain in place on steeper slopes. After spraying this mixture into place, it is important to ensure the new seedlings are watered frequently. The amount of watering is comparable to what newly laid sod would require, and we will be available to guide you through the process of caring for your new grass. Hydroseeding is well suited for lawns, larger sites where other seeding or planting methods aren’t cost effective, inaccessible areas, areas with high erosion potential, and areas where you want to plant something that isn’t available in a sod roll. We can apply a seed mix of our recommendation or to your specifications on a prepared soil bed or on to existing vegetation.


Along with our hydroseeding service, we offer other methods of revegetation that cater to different settings. For larger tracts of land (more than a couple acres), we can transport a tractor and different implements to your land to accomplish a number of revegetation tasks. We may use a combination of methods, including hydroseeding, hydromulching, broadcast seeding, and no-till drill seeding to establish new vegetation. It is not uncommon for revegetation activities to require the removal of existing vegetation (including weeds) and soil preparation before installing new vegetation. We can provide all the services you will need to turn a pasture full of weeds into a pasture full of feed. We also plant flowers, forbs, shrubs, and trees.


  • Hydroseeding
  • Broadcast Seeding
  • Weed/Existing vegetation control
  • Hydromulching
  • No-till Drill Seeding
  • Soil Preparation