Mature trees can provide numerous benefits to your property and are worth keeping healthy. There are a number of pests and diseases prevalent in Northern Colorado that can reduce your tree’s vitality or even kill it if left untreated.

Back 40 Land Management can help preserve your tree’s health and prevent future infections using integrated pest management (IPM). We provide pesticide applications that can be used to control harmful pests, such as emerald ash borers, pine bark beetles and aphids. Winter watering and deep root fertilization are supplemental services we provide that boost your tree’s health and allow it to defend itself against pathogens and insects. Even if your trees appear to be healthy, trees of the same species in the surrounding area may harbor pests or diseases that can easily spread to your tree. It is much easier to prevent a tree from becoming infected than it is to treat it once it’s infected.

Tree Care Services (IPM)

  • Pest/Disease Control
  • Supplemental/Winter Watering
  • Pest/Disease Prevention
  • Deep Root Feeding/Fertilization