You’ve struggled to control weeds on your property for years, but time and time again you find yourself fighting a losing battle. No matter how many of them you pull or how often you mow them, they keep coming back. Keep your property looking good and let us manage the weeds. Regardless of the scale of your infestation and the terrain it’s on, we’ll ensure your property retains its value and weeds are kept in check.

Although we provide a wide range of chemical application (spraying) services, it is our belief that this method of control should not be the immediate answer to a weed problem. Taking an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to your weed problems will provide a longer-term solution compared to simply spraying herbicides time and time again. Prevention is the biggest component of the IPM approach, and we can consult you on what measures you can take to prevent the growth and spread of weeds on your property. Along with this consultation, we offer numerous IPM weed control services and monitoring to ensure weed management efforts are going as planned.

Integrated Pest Management Services

Cultural Control


Irrigation consultation, correctly timed fertilization, planting desirable vegetation to outcompete weeds, land preparation and leveling, correctly timed mowing operations, developing seed mixes that can outcompete weeds

Mechanical Control


Mowing with weed whackers, sickle bar mower, brush hog/tow-behind mower, tilling, hoeing, hand-pulling, seed head removal

Biological Control


Livestock grazing (if available), releasing insects that damage target weeds, introducing allelopathic vegetation that naturally releases chemicals which inhibit weed growth

Chemical Control


Spot spraying herbicides with backpack sprayers or ATV mounted sprayer, spraying swaths of herbicide with ATV and tractor mounted boom sprayers



Ongoing visits to your property to ensure targeted weeds are staying in check and new weeds don’t have the chance to become a serious problem

We are fully insured and licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to conduct pesticide applications in turf, ornamental plant, and agricultural/pastureland settings.